Offering more than 20% weight savings compared to standard marine grade polymers. This new material provides lasting durability for marine parts, outdoor cabinetry, food preparation surfaces, and retail displays.

We Own Flat.

SIMONA is committed to producing the most consistently flat HDPE materials that our fabricator customers can rely on. What does that mean? Flat sheet means safer and more efficient processing times, less scrap, lower labor costs, and fewer headaches!

Our SIMONA BOATBOARD® is a cabinet-grade HDPE that provides excellent rigidity and flatness in fabrication, which means it’s really easy to machine using standard woodworking equipment and keeps its flatness throughout its useful life as a cabinet door or Adirondack chair.

BOATBOARD has a scratch-resistant surface finish and gloss level that is preferred by most fabricators and cabinet makers. It’s offered in the industry’s widest range of standard colors and textures and maintains color consistency from order to order.

Sheet Specifications

  • Gauges: 1/2 and 3/4 in.
  • Sheet Size: 48 x 96 in.
  • Colors: Black and white
  • Textures: Matte on both sides


There are many great applications for this material. Click on the links below to download the technical data sheet.

  • Marine parts
  • Lightweight cutting board
  • Retail display boards
  • Outdoor furniture and cabinetry

For samples or sheet pricing, please contact your dedicated SIMONA AMERICA Industries sales representative, or email